Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects

Thinking about all thats happened since the start of this global pandemic has my head spinning. 


This was a project of love - and a bit of pain - but hopefully a tool to one day sit down with my kids to explain to them why Mommy and Daddy have so many gray hairs in our pictures post 2020.



Above is the poster I intended to make, followed by the video below which I created to help explain the meaning of the images you will see. 

This is all to be continued, hopefully with a few more smiles.  Here are some other "fun" pandemic stats for us:

Jobs Applied to: >100

Companies Interviewed with:     10

Total Interviews:   >20

Application Art Projects Assigned:       2

Longest Time Ghosted Post Interview, in days:     77

Layoffs:       1

Promotions:       1

Full Time Jobs Worked:      3

Times Moved:      2

Cars Bought:      1

Sporting Events Attended:      2

Trips Cancelled:       2

Surgeries:      2

Newborn Children:      1

E.R. Trips for the Family:      5

Non-COVID Illnesses:  >15

Confirmed COVID illnesses:      0

Believed COVID illnesses:      2

Deaths of friends/family from COVID:      0