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Tools Used: iPad Pro with ProcreateApp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign


'A Duck From Oregon Tries To Fly' is an illustrated children's book imagined by Mikey Navarro, Teigh Bowen and myself.  For this amazing project I got to fully illustrate, copy-set, and layout the entire 64 page book.  

The book was written by *cough-cough* The Duck himself and translated by Mikey and Teigh who both served as Mascot Coordinators to the University of Oregon Athletic Department.  Partial proceeds from the sale of 'A Duck From Oregon Tries To Fly' will go to benefit the Oregon Cheer program of the University of Oregon.

This project is a culmination of five years of working, refining, learning and laughing.  It's on sale now via THE DUCK STORE, MASCOT BOOKS, BARNES & NOBLE, WAL-MART and TARGET.

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