Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I recently tweeted a doodle of myself in a Hockey helmet that read:

"So any @NHL team that wants one new fan just has to respond to this tweet, and I will be a fan of your team. #BeMyTeam"

I also have been tweeting at teams I have been following the most ALL playoffs like the Capitals, Sharks, Canucks and Red Wings, and got ZERO response.  No tweets to me, no retweets, not even a 'like'.  I had given up on the 'Social' part of NHL Social Media.

Then I tweeted a "nice job" tweet to the Penguins on one of their playoff designs and they kindly responded.  Well, then they found the above tweet and responded:

"Do we win?"

And in that moment I was claimed by the Penguins.

So here starts my journey as a Pens fan...

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