Saturday, January 5, 2013

'WTD' or 'Win The Day'...

I recently read an article from SOLE Magazine with Tinker Hatfield, lead designer on many of the Air Jordan shoes, about some specialty shoes made for the University of Oregon football team.  And something from the article really struck me.  Head Coach of Oregon, Chip Kelly, uses the phrase "Win The Day".  He talks about winning little battles throughout the day, an in all the small wins you can "Win The Day".  I really loved this idea, I can sometimes get overwhelmed by the 'big picture' but this helped get through to me that its not just "one big day" but 5-10 small winnable battles.  Here is the article I read, there is a lot of good shoe info as well if you are a Sneakerhead like me, enjoy an WIN THE DAY!

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