Monday, April 23, 2012

I made my fiancé a special treat, Ice Cream Flowers.

What I did was buy a ceramic small pot from Ikea, I got a glazed one so I knew it would be water-proof.  Then I got her favorite ice cream, Tillamook Udderly Chocolate, and added it to the pot.  I ground up some Oreo cookies and put them on top of the ice cream so that it looked like dirt.  Then I got some Tulips and some straws from Starbucks, cut the straws in half and put them in the ice cream.  Trimmed down the Tulips and put them in the straws. 
If I ever do this again I’d place the straws in place before adding the ice cream, and also after scooping the ice cream into the pot I’d let it sit over night to get a little harder.  Here is what it looked like...

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