Monday, August 15, 2011

Anyone can make art.  ANYONE.  All it really takes is the first step, put brush to canvas, or pencil to paper and go.  And sometimes having the courage to just do it is enough to stop people from trying.  And this is going to be hard if you are a normal modest person.

This brings me to my second point, most ‘artists’ are ego maniacs.  They tend to make art based on getting their name out there, and so art really takes a back seat to branding.  So if you combine a thirst for attention and the willingness to put brush to canvas you get ‘modern art’. 

A very special thanks to my Mom and Aunt for ‘painting’ this picture with me.  I really like how it turned out.  This was the first time either of them had picked up a brush for the sake of ‘making art’.  And all I did was hand them the brushes and paints and they made all the choices, some were more willing than others.  But it’s one picture made by three non-artists using water, paper towels, brushes, stencils, sharpie and spray paint. 

I hope others out there start making art as well, and start signing the back of the canvas, not the front…

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