Thursday, July 7, 2011

I hope that what I’m about to say is pretty clear: MOST ART IS CRAP.  I am not excluding the art on this site.  Art anymore isn’t about the art itself, it’s about the artist themselves, or their feelings, but more often than not it’s about a giant size portion of ego.  ‘I’m deeper and better than you and MY art is about how awesome I am.’  Well fuck that. 

Now don’t get me wrong I love pop culture and replicating it is fun and easy, I love comics and movies like everyone else.  But I am so sick and tired of people liking a painting BECAUSE it was done by Van Gogh or Warhol, and not because they allow the art and what the image is to sink into their heart, or mind or loin or whatever.  Again, I’m not saying Wild Kingdumb is the best, or even good, but we are artists that love art and want to not have anything stand in the way of images and design. 

Every time I walk down the street I see hipsters trying to be the personification of cool, I see advertisements telling me without their product I won’t be cool, when I turn on the TV I see shows trying to shove the model for ‘this is what cool is’ down my throat.  We are inundated every minute of every day of a world trying to tell us and show us what is cool and what we should do.  I want to urge you all to take a step back.  Be yourself.  Enjoy art you like.  And try as hard as possible to not be ‘cool’.

Now that you know where we stand I wanted to show a couple of pictures by four separate artists that I think are good, go to their sites, put away your wallets, and just enjoy…

‘Sun Up at Sun Down’ at Rise Up Design:

‘Freckles’ by Dan Hipp:

‘Containment’ by Ciara Pickering:

‘Flower’ by Banksy:

And last but not least a terrible drawing by yours truly, enjoy… or don’t, it’s up to you…

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