Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random sketches with random songs:

“My hands are searching for you/ My arms are outstretched towards you/ I feel you on my fingertips/ My tongue dances behind my lips for you/ This fire rising through my being/ Burning I'm not used to seeing you/ I'm alive, I'm alive!...” Flyleaf in ‘All Around Me’

“I watch how the moon sits in the sky in the dark night/ Shining with the light from the sun/ The sun doesn't give light to the moon assuming/ The moon’s going to owe it one…” Linkin Park in ‘A Place for My Head’

“I'm not like them/ But I can pretend/ The sun is gone/ But I have a light/ The day is done/ But I'm having fun/ I think I'm dumb/ Or maybe just happy…” Nirvana in ‘Dumb’

“Whenever I look back/ On the best days of my life/ I think I saw them all on T.V./ I am so homesick now for/ Someone that I never knew/ I am so homesick now for/ Someplace I will never be…” The Bravery in ‘Time Wont Let Me Go’

“Sing to me/ Sing to me/ I don’t want to wake up/ On my own anymore/ Don’t feel bad for me/ I want you to know/ Deep in the cell of my heart/ I really want to go/ There is another world/ There is a better world/ Well, there must be…” – Emily Browning in ‘Asleep’

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